1. WhatsApp का पहला Feature Email Verification है । 

2. WhatsApp का दूसरा Feature है Hide IP Address in Calls

3. WhatsApp का तीसरा Feature है Screen Share on Calls.

4. WhatsApp का 4th Feature है Send HD Photos And Videos. 

5. WhatsApp का 5th Feature है WhatsApp Channel.

6. WhatsApp का 6th Feature है Use Multiple Accounts in One Phone.  

7. WhatsApp का 7th  Feature है Video Message 

8. WhatsApp का 8th Feature है View Once Image And Video On WhatsApp Web.   

9. WhatsApp का 9th Feature है Download And View Your Whatsapp Data Report.  

10.  WhatsApp का आखरी Feature है Transfer Whatsapp Chats.